MOOV Travel Guitar

The smallest, silent, foldable, professional travel guitar with the unique sense of a real guitar body. This is the future of travel guitars!


38 cm total length when folded


MOOV Acoustic in the bag


73 cm total length only, even when it is unfolded

Headless design


Carried in the bag unfolded


4 x less volume*

Less than half gross weight*

No worries about transportation

No extra seat on the airplane

*of a normal guitar in a hard case


Design Registered

One, Two, Three, Get Ready… Play!

The assemblage of MOOV Travel Guitar is really a piece of cake.

Foldable acoustic guitar design versus traditional classic guitar - perfect for travel and compact storage. Explore the convenience of folding design while maintaining the timeless elegance of a classic guitar. Ideal for musicians on the go. Order yours now!

Real guitar feel

The most important thing for building your technique is a good playing position.

  • Four independent brackets 
  • Precision 3D geometry 
  • Two different angles of the brackets for all playing postures 
  • Real sense of the depth of the guitar’s body 
  • No more incorrect posture 
  • No ill effects on your technique

MOOV Travel Guitar geometry 360º

All the answers are here!

No need for a footstool

When you are on the move, we can all agree, it’s better to travel light. With MOOV Travel Guitar you don’t need a footstool. The bracket that touches your leg is extendable and it allows you to adjust the guitar to your desired height.

✓ Height adjustable bracket for the left or right leg
✓ Different height positions
✓ Non-slip surface

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Totally silent travel guitar

Don’t worry about bothering other people around you when practising. MOOV Travel Guitar produces the minimum possible sound you can get.

  • Minimal design for minimum acoustic sound
  • Practice and fun anywhere, anytime!

Sound for professionals

MOOV Travel Guitar is equipped with a versatile, high quality electronic sound system

  • Dual source piezo & mic preamp
  • Blending system with independent mic volume & tone
  • Fine tuned 3-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble +/-12db)
  • Phase shift
  • Powered by a 9V battery
  • Low Battery LED indicator
  • Two independent outputs for headphones & Amp/Mixing desk
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MOOV Travel Guitar with a high-quality electronic sound system

No feedback, even with overdrive!

Due to its’ design MOOV Travel Guitar is highly resistant to feedback even when you play with overdrive like an electric guitar.

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Strap button

Strap buttons

Do you have a strap? We have the buttons! 

  • Totally natural feel even if you play standing up
  • True stability like on a normal guitar

The " NV S BLE" guitar

All models now available in black colour.
Discover it!

*  The black version includes the high quality tuning machines “GrandTune” by Schaller and some more aesthetic differences. The engraving or inlay on the back of the guitar is optional.

Normal string tying

We are not going to change your habits.

  • Tie the strings normally, exactly as you would do to a classical or acoustic guitar
  • The same bridge shape you are used to but on the head
MOOV Travel Guitar Classic Nut
MOOV Travel Guitar Acoustic Nut

A Travel Guitar made of High quality materials


The great sound and precision functionality are a result of the highest quality materials.


MOOV Travel Guitar Materials

A foldable guitar needs a foldable bag 

  • Foldable extension with clip
  • Carried folded or unfolded
  • Soft belts for the shoulders
  • Individual compartment for the brackets
  • Two extra internal pockets
  • Two grips for horizontal or vertical holding
  • Thick foam for maximum protection
  • Side and bottom hard plastic pads
  • Water resistant





Design Registered

Make your personal MOOV Travel Guitar with the advanced customisation and engraving options

  • Orientation (Right/Left handed)
  • Fretboard type (fretted/fretless)
  • Fretboard design (flat/curved)
  • Fretboard dots (front/side/both/none)
  • Fretboard scale
  • Neck width
  • Laser engraving on the back side


We would love to introduce you to MOOV Travel guitar with an one-on-one 45 minutes video call.

Nylon, Steel, or More than 6?

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