Press reviews

Guitare Classique – Magazine (June 2020)

To perform a concert, a rehearsal, practice your scales on the train or simply play on the beach, this instrument is – to my knowledge – what comes closest to a real guitar. High-end materials, ergonomic design, impeccable finishes, versatility. All of this designed and produced by Yorgos Bechlivanoglou, a high-level concert performer who had the passion and inventiveness to make an instrument that ultimately meets the needs of the guitarist, professional and amateur. Hats off !

Avgi – newspaper (7 July 2019)

Moov Travel Guitar is the ideal guitar for travellers but not only. A folding guitar size
38 cm which when assembled has a natural shape and a magical sound !

Article of MOOV Travel Guitar in the newspaper Travel

Travel – Newspaper (November 9-10 2020)

The MOOV Travel Guitar which put in an appearance at the inaugural West Australian Guitar Festival. The work of Yorgos Bechlivanoglou. It is handmade, folds into a small bag (38cm long) and the sound is good.

Customer reviews

Roy Smeal (USA)

Hello! I just wanted to thank all those at MOOV who helped make this wonderful guitar. Very cleverly designed and beautifully made. I need to improve my skills to justify me owning it! Being able to take it along with me on travels will help!

Jonathan Nagy (Spain)

Hi Yorgos…. just returned home to Cádiz after a month traveling in Argentina.
The MOOV guitar was easy to assemble and disassemble, light and easy to travel with, and most importantly, it felt and behaved like a real classical guitar. It fulfilled all my expectations.

Doug Roberts (UK)

1st message
“I have other folding guitars (steel string), but they are really just “travel buddies”, and don’t pretend to be quality instruments. But even those guitars are a joy when you’re at the airport, and have several hours to kill. I’ve had many an envious look from folks who would obviously prefer to be practising music than playing time-wasting games on their smartphones.
The difference with your products is they really are professional quality. The design of the MOOV is ingenious – playing it, you forget completely it’s a travel guitar. It feels and plays like a real classical guitar!
I can’t put it down: but also, I’m excited for my next trip abroad, when I’ll be practising in the departure lounge, and then playing by the sea in some exotic location.
MOOV Guitars are undoubtedly the future-proof design to be reckoned with.

2nd message
“Yorgos, it’s my delight and pleasure to own one of your guitars. Everything about it is perfect! Most importantly, it’s a nylon-string folding guitar (I asked another leading manufacturer of folding travel guitars if they plan to make a nylon string version, and they got back to me and said their system doesn’t work with nylons).
It was a bit of a gamble, but your customers were generally excellent classical guitarists. And I was right in guessing that you’re producing the finest travel classical guitar – in fact, the finest travel guitar period.
Since I mostly play classical and fingerpicking, this is the instrument I really want to take with me everywhere I go.
But also, the intonation is perfect. The harmonics are excellent. The tone shaping electronics are first class.. and the icing on the cake is, this guitar is one of the coolest, smartest, and visually striking instruments I’ve ever seen.
I know we’re going to see a lot more MOOV guitars, and thank you for bringing them into existence.”

Marcus Kaufmann (Brazil)

A real travel classical guitar! Portable and functional! An idea I always wished to see come true! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED ABOUT!!! And for a standard classical guitar! And I found it outstanding for the physics applied, the foldable minimalist conception and everything else! Marvellous ideas and conception! Congratulations!!


Balázs Gyárfás (Hungary)

My guitar is finally arrived today! Thank you so much, I really enjoy to play on it. I would like to say thank you for all your help!


Forbes Henderson (England)

The Moov is fab and didn’t take me too long to assemble. Sounds good too!!! I’ve only put it through a Yamaha THR amp on the acoustic setting and sounds good!


Julien Capron (France)

Dear Yorgos, I had the extreme pleasure to receive the guitar yesterday evening: just in time for my birthday ! It is in perfect shape and what a beauty it is ! I am deeply happy. I had no problem whatsoever to put it together : I found its building is a work of genius ! I couldn’t believe how small the package is and, either with headphones, my Yamaha THR and the JBL speakers : what a sound ! I am very happy and I feel very lucky to have one of your creations. Bravo and thank you again, Yorgos, with all my heart. Your guitar is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had!


Dimitri Casas (Spain)

Hello ! I received the guitar it looks great ! I played this afternoon the moov guitar and it is awesome. I like the sound and the feeling. I felt comfortable easy I think it will change my life now I can take it everywere !

Nancy Goudinaki (USA)
Finally a dream come true!!! Going at the airport without listening …” Ma’am you gotta check in your guitar..” And you know what does that means, right? Musician’s nightmare….
Yorgos created an impeccable instrument!!! Besides the high end, fancy and sexy design MOOV Guitar provides mighty sounds! I tried with my AER amp and I love the fact that I can have the classical guitar sound but also with some settings that Yorgos showed me I can have also the jazzy sounds!!! How cool is that??? To not mention that it ‘s for real a SILENT guitar that you can always practice really late at night at your home or at your hotel room before a gig… Did it already ,no complains 🙂. It totally changes the game!
As a professional classical guitarist (educator over 25 years and performer over 15 years) it s really important the correct posture. The way that Yorgos designed this guitar it s extremely helpful especially for women ’s anatomy… You can feel the instrument really close to your body as it supposed to be. I love the fact that the neck is so soft. Thank you Yorgos for that! It almost feels like I m holding a classical handmade guitar with the soft neck and my right hand doesn’t feel tired or any pain … I m simply in love with my new guitar!

Paul Nash (Australia WA)

It’s arrived!!! It is amazingly small! I have tried it a bit. It is fantastic!!! Congratulations on the great design!

Grisha Nisnevich (USA)

I would like to order one more Moov. I just love this guitar! 

Ray Halsall (USA)
I received my guitar and I’m very happy with my purchase. I had a friend come by and he was very impressed with what you have designed and made. Thanks!
Giorgos Tabakis (Greece)
I am happy to own 2 models of MOOV Travel Guitar, the 6-string and the 8-string.
The playability of these guitars is of the highest level and they have helped me the most in developing of various playing techniques! The sound is just as natural as a full body classical guitar and its’ onboard equalizer is so fine tuned and versatile, that can transform the sound dramatically, approaching even the sound colour of an electric jazz guitar! It works amazingly too with the use of any sound effect, without worrying at all about feedback on stage.
The unique 8-string MOOV Travel Guitar is a wonderful instrument which greatly expands the guitar thinking, making possible to play material that is impossible to be performed on a normal guitar. The extended range of 4.5 octave unveils a brand new musical world waiting to be discovered!
I love the approach of Yorgos Bechlivanoglou in the guitar construction, both in functional and aesthetic level. Ever since I got them, I have been using them constantly in my practise, recordings and concerts!
Claire & Bryan Timmons (Australia)
1st e-mail: I am very happy indeed. I picked up my Moov guitar at noon yesterday and played it straight away. For me being able to make a big wonderful sound is a miracle as I would say that my touch is gentle rather than strong! Bryan is as excited about the Moov as I am. He loves great design and the latest equipment. And he enjoys and supports my guitar playing and teaching. It will give a great boost to my practising. I made an out loud commitment when you were here that it would get me doing daily practice again!
2nd e-mail: I want to tell you that my favourite guitar is definitely my MOOV guitar. I love playing it. It is so easy and comfortable to play and I love its tone and the volume of the sound!
Pawel Krul (Austria)
You can take it anywhere, you can practice anywhere without bothering others, you don’t need any extra help for the correct position when playing. Excellent and practical instrument, very valuable workmanship, simply classy and beautiful eye-catcher, and its sound is also suitable for the stage. That was love at first sight! I hope it will be mutual!
Serafim Nellas (Greece)
Best travel guitar ever!
Sascha Mertens (Germany)

Great work, maestro!

like very much the playability, especially the string height – I ‘m already thinking about lowering the strings on my Hanika, which seem to be set absurdly high in comparison. 

Yorgos, a big thanks for crafting such a beautiful instrument for me!

Erik Waldejer (Norway)

My MOOV Travel Guitar arrived yesterday and I have been experimenting already!

It is just sooo nice to play. The fretboard and neck is exactly what I like. I do not need my footstool with this guitar, and that feels very comfortable.

Today I started to experiment with LogicPro. The guitar plugs straight into my Apogee interface and I found a very good sound in a few minutes. I will record something and send it to you. I also plan recordings for Youtube.

It is a very intelligent and solid construction. I do not think I will fold it up very often, but it is nice for travelling light.

Thanks Yorgos. Really great!

Mateusz Wasowski (Poland)

I was playing throughout the weekend and I am amazed. It exceeded my expectations! 😊

As soon as I hit the road I will let you know…😉

(Note: Mateusz Wasowski is preparing a 3 years long trip all over world by bicycle)

Warren Kramer (USA)

Hello Yorgos,

I wanted to let you know I received the instrument a few days ago and I love it. I played it for 12 hours in the first two days and it does exactly what I wanted. It allows me to practice as much as I want without disturbing anyone else. It is well-made and plays much like my full sized 8-string classicals, perfect as a practice guitar and for whenever I travel.

Thank you so much for your work on this, it’s worth every penny I paid.

Richard Hobbs (Australia)

Hi Yorgos,

I just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived today. Man, it is such a nice instrument! The whole system is so clever, and it sounds great!

Many thanks again.

Alisan Sarimaden (Turkey)

This is the best guitar that I ever experienced including Ramirez anniversary series. It’s really amazing!

Alexey Ivanov (Russia)

Hi, Yorgos!
I’ve got my MOOV yesterday! It’s fantastic! Very cool! I played hole evening! Thank you very much! You made a compact travel guitar with high design and excellent sound. I think that it will be my basic travel guitar. I have silent guitar Yamaha but sometimes I have a problem in airports. My new MOOV guitar does not have this trouble.)))
Thank you!

Holger Henke (USA)

Hi, Yorgos!
I wanted to give you my feedback on the new MOOV guitar I received about two weeks ago.  I have had a chance now to play it for a bit and get some impressions.
First of all, I want to say that in terms of the design, construction, and craftsmanship the guitar is superbly built and assembled.  It is by all means a very attractive and handsome instrument, with excellent sound qualities, and easy to play.  The guitar clearly meets and even exceeds all the expectations I had for it.
Thanks much!

Chris Candido (USA)


I received my guitar a few days ago but didnt have a  chance to put it through the paces until today. After getting it together I am very pleased – after a few minutes, the bolt on components sort of fade away and it’s just like holding a regular guitar – it sounds great and will definitely be a great travel companion. 
Thanks again!

Jeremy Nagle (Ireland)

Hey Yorgos, I love the guitar. It’s absolutely brilliant!! The neck is really playable with perfect action and the whole guitar is beautifully made and excellent!! The JBL works perfectly. Definitely worth the wait!
Thank you so much.

Daniel Derozier (France)

Already 2 weeks with the Moov Guitar! It’s an excellent guitar, with a very playable neck. I use it with amps or headphones. And with the Boss Waza Air, its great! From jazz to rock, or folk to metal, this guitar can do it all! I found the right settings for me, sounds and ergonomics. This Guitar will follow me on my business trips. I’m likely to order a classic later.

Haris Vasiliadis (Greece)

Having already played a lot with my new MOOV, I am in a position to share my review as a guideline for guitarists thinking to acquire one. Personally, I was never a fan of mobile guitars or never had the need for one. My sole need is to improve the sound of the amplified classical guitar, or at least this was my understanding before ordering one. However, after experimenting with the instrument, I feel that Moov Guitars reinvented the instrument, surpassing the difficulties of guitar transportation, but most importantly achieving an impeccable sound with no feedback involved. It feels like carrying a laptop bag, with the confidence that at any point you can play a professional concert, play to friends or practice with headphones. The playability is great, especially when it is held in the “classical” stance – I would say it even improves posture and reduces fatigue as an aftermath of a long practice. Personally, I can’t imagine myself without the MOOV and I am confident that with this instrument, the sound of the classical guitar will be distinct in the mix with other instruments. Lastly, it’s the first time I received so many compliments and admiration for a guitar from non-musicians, which was strange to me!

My congrats to the whole team of MOOV Guitars!

Connie Purdum (USA)

Hi Yorgos,

I received my new MOOV guitar on Monday (May 23). I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE the guitar! It’s really an incredible work of engineering and art and a true joy to play. I showed my guitar teacher and she was blown away by it, as will be everybody else I share it with. Thank you for creating this truly beautiful instrument and making it available for others like myself to be able to own and enjoy.

Thank you for everything – it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. All the best to you!

Cengiz Gümüsay (Austria)

If you want something very special of quality and design and craftsmanship….this is it!
I was skeptical. Now I have my MOOV nylon and I adore it. Building is top, mechanic is top, sound is top and I don’t disturb my little baby girl in the evening. This is a full-professional guitar and I love it. Thank you Yorgos you’re a genius…

Benjamin Terracol (USA)

Hi Yorgos,
As you know I received the guitar and am extremely happy with it. It is a true masterpiece that will follow me around for many years. In fact I am taking the plane with it today 😊
I am truly amazed of how good the guitar is and can’t wait to get back to it when I get the chance.

Mikhail Kharlamov (Costa Rica)

MOOV guitar is wonderful.. Such a pleasure to play it. It has a soul!
It is now one of the joys of my life. Its sound is what I like the most – sweet and rich. None of my previous guitars sounded so good. It is also beautiful to look at and to hold. With these qualities, it is just calling to be picked up and played, and I play every day.

Shannon Reh (USA)

I got the guitar today.  Thank You! 
It is beautiful and wonderful to play!  Your design is very smart.  This is my 6th guitar and it is the easiest to sit and play! My husband and I have just purchased a small travel trailer and are going to be heading out across North America for weeks at a time exploring.  I am so happy to have a guitar that I can easily take along, and the fact that I can play it silently (to others) will be a big plus for my husband, and fellow campers.
PS:  It was fun to see the process in the photos you sent.  What a nice touch!

Simon Gallagher (France)

Yorgos, you are a genius. This is my third travel guitar and you have absolutely nailed it! Congratulations again on such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship – its life changing that I can now practise when I am on the road !!!!!!!
Thank you

Mark Paskin (USA)

“Hi Lina and Yorgos,
It arrived just in time, five minutes before I had to leave for a soccer tournament with my son! I’ve been playing it every chance I get. I can’t believe how wonderful it is, so beautifully made, so stable and comfortable, and even the wonderfully designed carrying case! I can’t get enough of this guitar. I find myself playing it at home, even with my wonderful Byers and Ruck guitars at hand, because I hear more details in how to improve my playing, like left hand noise I need to reduce and strings I need to mute. I’ve been waiting for half a year, and the wait was absolutely worth it!
Thank you so much!”

Pascal Landry (Canada)

“I have received my guitar this week. I have had the luxury of testing for a couple of hours. It is, really, an amazing piece of engineering! Thank you for your work!!”

Osvaldo Gold (USA)

“I bought a new MOOV Travel Guitar and we are getting to be good friends. What a great guitar! It plays great, it packs really small, it is well built by a great builder to deal with. Oh… and it’s a Greek company. I fall for all things Greek!
I’m loving my guitar. We have a little place in Virginia now to be close to our daughter and grandkids. So it is wonderful to bring my Moov with me back and forth. 
Love it. Love it. Love it! Guitar. Portable amp. Headphones. I feel like a king. The guitar feels really good and I’m getting really good at assembling and disassembling it. I get great compliments from everyone that sees it and plays it too!”