Hello everybody!

My name is Yorgos Bechlivanoglou. I am a professional musician, concert guitarist and guitar teacher from Greece. More specifically my studies are based on classical music and guitar but I love playing different styles of music and guitars.

In addition to classical guitar concerts and my collaborations with different ensembles and symphonic orchestras, I have also played with many Greek and foreign well-known singers, composers and songwriters touring in Greece and abroad.

I love travelling to different countries, experiencing new cultures and I especially appreciate the beauty of each country’s natural environment. But I have also experienced the problems of carrying my instruments with me. I use the plural because in many concerts, I use three different guitars: a classical, an acoustic and an electric, as well as a pedalboard and other stuff.

So…this is how the story starts:

It was a cold winter night (scary!) of 2013, on my way to a concert I was feeling very tired carrying all of my equipment, I started thinking about how I could reduce the weight and volume of all this heavy and cumbersome stuff. So, I researched about a travel guitar construction which would sound and feel like a real guitar but that would be much easier to travel with.

After testing a lot of them, I realised there wasn’t anything in the market that could satisfy my needs. So, MOOV – travel guitar came to me as a question from which everything began: What do I really need from a guitar? I tried to “deconstruct” in my mind the guitar, throwing away everything unnecessary and what remained was just MOOV.

Moov first prototype
Moov first prototype

Through the years I constructed three prototypes improving on each one the functionality of the design. I tested it practising on it first and later playing concerts and in 2018 I decided that it is a really good solution and will help many musicians professional or not.

So, I started production and in September 2018 the company was founded. Since then Moov has sold many guitars all over the world (Europe, USA, Asia, Australia etc.) and I am very happy to say the feedback we receive from the guitarists is really very impressive.

Thanks for reading our story!